amen, brotha.

“Archbishop Desmond Tutu has accused the Anglican church of allowing its ‘obsession’ with homosexuality to come before real action on world poverty.
‘God is weeping’ to see such a focus on sexuality and the Church is ‘quite rightly’ seen by many as irrelevant on the issue of poverty, he said.”
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it’s about time someone said it.
one of the most glaring deficiencies is the church is NOT that it believes homosexuality is a sin.  that’s fine.  it’s okay for people to disagree — it’s healthy for people to disagree.  the Problem is how ‘christians’ deal with their belief that homosexuality is sin.
i don’t see a group similar to the westboro baptist church crew that pickets divorce courts.. or even all-you-can-eat-buffets.  i’ve never even heard a preacher tell his congregation their Too dressed up, that the money spent on that $200 dress would have been better-spent in a food pantry for the homeless.  so not only are the Wrong things being focused on but archbishop tutu is right, these focuses have become obsessions that outshine what matters.
and these obsessions have, forgive me for being repetitive, but the have been dealt with abusively and horrifically.
there’s no such thing as “the truth in love” anymore, that’s why so much honest love is overlooked.  it gets to where we don’t want to hear it for fear of what’s coming next, what the ulterior motive is.