“Why Soldiers Rape”

recently, the UN declared sexual violence as a tactic of war, and i was thinking, “about damn time!”
i feel like that’s one of the most overlooked, most serious, and farthest reaching consequence of war: the amount of sexual violence it generates. the “enemy”, the military men and women themselves, and the families of the soldiers ALL become victims to it.

truthout published an article called Why Soldiers Rape that outlines some of the Reasons why this phenomon occurs and some proposed solutions.
this article is so past due. really, the issues of sexual discrimination within ranks has been an issue since women have been allowed into the army, not to mention the discrimation against the LGBT communities. i think the military is far too Members Only; not only does that make being a woman a problem, but it makes going in and reforming in order to work towards eradicating sexism a near impossibility. i understand and support the value placed on tradition, the sorts of rituals that create a brotherhood (excuse my patriarchy) or Club, but i think if the armed forces can’t identify what traditions encourage the continual oppression of their own and work to bring them down, then they can’t be entrusted to identify what truly poses a threat to our country and bring it down. it’s almost the whole a plank in your brother’s eye analogy.
maybe i just don’t understand armed forces and maybe i’m just an unpatriotic heretic or something, but that’s not the point. whether i understand the military or not, the facts still stand, and the article still stands, and it’s not okay that when we talk about the war we don’t talk about it.
ohmygod debt, defeat, internation relations this, repurcussions that — yes, they are all utterly important, but more important than Financial ruin is the real, human, deep ache, terror, destroying ruination that walks hand in hand with sexual violence. the humanitarian need ought to be jettisoned far above the economical because to me, money is not urgent. this moment, if my gas is too expensive my life will not end. this moment, if someone can’t lift her head against the weight of what violence begot by war has terrorised her, her life may end.