signs of the Times?

ok, i know women have a tendency to be catty.  i think the other girl that likes the boy i like looks like the joker, and i’ve joked about it probably too much with my roommate, who agrees with me, of course.  i’m not making excuses for it, but i like to think that in terms of politics, i’m not quite as much of a neanderthal.  no, more than i like to think, i’m fairly certain that’s true.  acording to this Times piece, however, women Are that unevolved in the political arena.

(i really like the little response jender over at feminist philosophers had to the article.)

the author of the Times piece, herself a woman, gave no creedance to women hating sarah palin because, oh, they disagree with her, they question her credibility, you know, all those valid reasons to be opposed to a person who’s running for vice president…
the glaring flaw with the piece is that she assumes women will never vote for women based on these petty, juvenile, fundamental issues… when many, many other countries have women heads of state… who were voted for… by women.  and men.
people are people.  i can’t possibly be in the only country in the world where saying the girl that likes the boy i like looks like the joker happens.  there are woman-hating-women world-wide, and there are women who have overcome their programmed proclivity towards cattiness and run for, supported, and voted for other women in politics.
it’s just ridiculous that at the end she subversively calls for women to vote for women instead of “some guy” just because, she sarcastically adds, “it’s worked so well for us in the past.”  it isn’t this accused women-hating-women issue that has kept women-as-madam-prez out of the white house, it’s a lot of factors.  if that were the sole cause, there would be no women in politics and our lovely sarah herself proves women have made some inroads.


skilled writers.

i always feel someone is a skilled writer when they pen what’s in my mind when i can’t find my own words.

eve ensler proved herself as such a writer before this article, but with it she drove the fact on home.
granted, using the polar bear focus as her intro/outro wasn’t as strong as the rest of the article, but i think her point is clear and well-taken.

“I don’t like raging at women. I am a Feminist and have spent my life trying to build community, help empower women and stop violence against them. It is hard to write about Sarah Palin. This is why the Sarah Palin choice was all the more insidious and cynical. The people who made this choice count on the goodness and solidarity of Feminists.”
full article here

sarah palin: third wave feminist D-lux.


i have this philosophy teacher who i’ve actually known for years so he’s familiar with all my gender/queer/politics beliefs and something came up in class about democrats being bad?  and after class i decided to ask him what he thought of sarah palin.  this brought up a discussion of how we feel about abortion (with his sarcastic comment that i want to kill babies) and whether or not sarah palin is a feminist, or isn’t one, or if she just isn’t My kind of feminist.
then today feministing beat me to the punch.  and they covered it better than i could even have guessed how.

Note to the Mainstream Media: Sarah Palin is NOT a Feminist

two rants for the click of one..

i meant to post this blog about a week ago:

there was a ridiculous story on npr friday the 22nd discussing the fashion of the potential first ladies.
first off, i just don’t think that’s newsworthy.  as an almost-journalism major, i would never propose that story, i’d try my hardest to avoid writing it, i’d be hard as hell if i edited it, and i’d never actually publish it.  i was disappointed with npr.

the article posted online is bad enough; it talks about how these women have to follow strict rules yet be themselves when it comes to this fashion.  there’s reference to how it reflects family values, how she can’t be too showy, and how the whole package has to be perfect in order to best help their husbands.  the one thing the article misses that the broadcast included was this woman talking about how considering the fashion of the candidate’s wives wasn’t sexist.
that was a kicker because i think it meant npr KNEW the story was sexist and had to find a quote to justify it all.

i was talking about it with some people at a party we hosted last night, and they all agreed too!
it makes me wonder if people realise that Fashion not only reflects personal style, life situations, world views, and gender expression, but also Patriarchy, which is a pervasive force that dictates all the other aspects.


so there’s that, i know it ends abruptly, that’s why it didn’t get posted along.
now i want to say that i don’t understand how Fashion can be an issue while Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy isn’t.
“I think it’s a very private matter,” said Roberta Combs, president of the Christian Coalition of America. “It’s a matter that should stay in the family and they have to work through it together. My prayers go out to them.”

it’s incredibly irritating to suggest that Fashion and how a family deals with a very young daughter’s pregnancy both make a difference in perceived family values, and from the tone of that NPR broadcast, it even sounds like they’re equally important.

i guess the difference is what’s “natural” and what’s contrived…
it seems the difference is we can’t Help but guage the candidates’ wives’ fashion, but when we’re being thoughtful human beings we can allow grace and accept people’s humaness…
i’m not concerned with either; if michelle wants to dress like i dress, in swampy colours and baggy black pants, i’d probably crush on her and so of course i’d vote for her husband (ha!), and if palin’s 17-year old daughter is pregnant and is keeping the baby (because i’m sure that “right decision after her mistake” was totally a decision… not a coerced, my mom’s is the veep candidate, i better not fuck her career up..), good, i’m really glad for her.  she’s so indescribably lucky that she lives in an upper-class white home with Good Christian Parents to guide her along the path.  but don’t ask me what i think of her marrying the father… she’s seventeen, damn it.  however, whatever I feel about bristol palin’s personal decisions isn’t going to effect, in any way shape or form who i vote for.
but i will say this: regardless of how she dresses or what her daughter does, my vote ain’t goin towards sarah palin.

incredibly interesting.

so, i hear john mccain chose a highly inexperienced woman, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, as his running mate.
“The selection amounted to a gamble that an infusion of new leadership — and the novelty of the Republican Party’s first female candidate for vice president — would more than compensate for the risk that Ms. Palin could undercut one of the McCain campaign’s central arguments, its claim that Mr. Obama is too inexperienced to be president.”

how ’bout that.