so how about this:

apparently it’s a movie dealing with intersexed people.
i can’t watch the trailer because i’m in class, but i really hope this film doesn’t get shoved under the rug as Indie Flick Dealing with One of Those Weird Subjects that no one pays any attention to.

people need to Know about gender variance.  because people who know anything about gender are few and far between, at least… in central oklahoma, but i’m sure there are other places just as excluded from the homefront of gender theory.  like alaska.  where sarah palin is from.  where sarah palin fights gender stereotypes every day by hunting mooses.  (she’s all we feminazis talk about these days.)
and because there have GOT to be people out there who are extremely or even mildly gender variant and instead of finding a way to be comfortable in expressing themselves they feel different and broken, ostracised, and even suicidal.  they don’t understand even the basics of the thought around the subject, and that’s what something like this film could be so important.