one girl army?

the name i used to sign up for this blog is “one girl army,” like the web address says, and i’ve decided to explain what “one girl army” means to me.

the most important part is that five iron frenzy has a song called “one girl army,” and let’s just be honest, five iron frenzy is the epitome of good music; so of course, reese roper being the brilliant lyricist he is, “one girl army” is at least in the top ten songs ever made.  don’t protest, just give in to what comes naturally.
ok, maybe they’re not and maybe it’s not, but i’ve recently been asked if i could only listen to one band for the rest of my life, who would it be?  and i didn’t miss a beat in replying, five iron frenzy.

let’s see if i can keep your attention by explaining how that one song impacts me:
the lyrics communicate everything i need to hear at any given moment…
women have value.
i have value.
the media and, consequently, society defies that value.
women have a place in the church.
clearly, god honours that place.
no matter how people try to hurt women, and me as a woman, in the name of something “natural” [-insert hunter/gatherer society idealogy-] and/or in the name of christ, my truth and strength will overcome.
etc. etc.

here are the lyrics:
here lies the old myth
breaking the mold with
truth to take away the trickery.
twenty centuries of progress
suffer slowly as we regress,
losing headway to ourselves.
behold the covers, the sisters, the mothers,
the daughters, and spouses, on the magazines.
truth has been abused.
how could she fill those shoes?
propaganda meant to fuel their schemes.

she is strong but never silent,
sure of where her truth comes from;
one day, one girl army will overcome.

treading the current issues at hand,
shifting, we sway, from justice and then back again.
what we once broke, He has made right,
lifting her up, giving birth to Jesus Christ.

she is strong but never silent,
sure of where her strength comes from;
one day, one girl army will overcome.

five iron isn’t even one of those angry girl, feminist-powered bands.  they’re a silly ska band who made a few albums, then stepped down while they were still on top.
throughout their music, though, they made a few things clear: unconditional love is freedome and jesus saw that everyone was worth unconditional love, so christ offers freedom.
it just deepens my appreciation of their work when at least one of their songs encourages me to keep fighting when i start to feel like my causes and i are trite, immature, and foolish.