tyra banks, we’ve got a problem.

i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning, so i’m laying in bed riding out the end of my allergic reaction to hydrocodone watching the tyra banks show and i just found out tyra’s going to have an ex-gay show.


Are you a gay man or lesbian who wants to be straight? Do your friends or family disagree with your gay lifestyle and wish you were straight? If you ever wish you could erase your same-sex attractions and not be gay, SUBMIT BELOW.”
then follows the application form.

the fact she’s going to have this show suggests to me that she supports the ex-gay movement.  i’m not getting the, “are you trying to be ex-gay but it’s not working because that’s not who you are?  and we’re here to help you.”

i really want to watch this episode to see what she does with it.
or better yet, apply to be on it, haha…