dire consequences theory

there was a blog in box turtle bulletin yesterday about “those who seek to defend a traditional theology on homosexuality” and how they commonly use the “dire consequences theory.”
the “dire consequences” being a life of emotional turmoil and poor health, basically.  many people from the religious right stand solidly by the belief that deviating from the het norm is a mental disorder — despite the AMA and APA’s findings otherwise.

it really struck me to see someone writing about this because it’s been used against me more often than people trying to use The Verses, and really emphasised once the person trying to talk me out of being queer realised i knew the verses.
a lot of the time christians think people in the LGBT communites are somehow damaged and destined to live lives like broken toys.  when people trying to maintain their disdain for LGBT people meet and listen to their stories and discover they are generally.. fairly stable, living life successfully, loving people, loving god (if appropriate) types of people, they’re either surprised or disbelieving or both.
it seems to me, though, as more people in the LGBT communities become visible and outspoken, then the argument of dire consequences will begin to crumble accordingly.  it’s the only logical path for that train of thought to follow.  when people believe something that isn’t true and other people present factual evidence disputing their “truth,” it may take a few generations, but the untruth must disappear.

the world is round.
i’m not a heretic.