it’s been awhile…

this is beautiful.

and reminds me of this
i speak as a member of the Church, and it’s about damn time we apologised.
there’s another account of members of the Church apologising on behalf of the Church.  donald miller write about it in his book Blue Like Jazz.  he went to oberlin college, and apparently there’s this week where people party.  and they don’t just party… they Party.  there’s a booth specifically for bad acid trips, the cops are only there to keep the people on campus from making trouble in the community, there are light shows for kids who are rolling or on acid.  apparently, it’s Intense.  but don miller and his friends were a very small minority at oberlin, in that they were christians.  and during this festival, they set up a confession booth.  where people came into the booth, and don and his friends apologised for how the Church has wronged humanity.

it’s just beautiful.
and i’m proud of the church in the first link for reacting in such a timely, honest manner to prop. 8.  i’m not saying anyone owes us, the LGBQ communities, anything.  except an apology.