big sigh.

yesterday i was basically told to stop complaining about patriarchy because it isn’t its fault that women didn’t get their shit together before the 1930’s.
this kinda makes me twitch because i feel the wrath of my fore-sisters welling up inside me, but at the same time, i’m inclined towards a gentler response because the man (of Course) who made this statement… isn’t really a sexist.  and he wasn’t being a prick.  he’s not perfectly gender liberated, but he’s better than most american males and he’s at least very well-intentioned.
i want to know why that argument is poor.  i want to know why that makes me cringe.  because it makes me wonder, “why DID we give men so much control all these thousands of year?  why didn’t matriarchal societies become dominant?  does it have to do with physical strength alone?”
i want to know.


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  1. kisekileia said,

    15 September, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    my guess is physical strength. don’t forget, women in prior times also didn’t have adequate menstrual protection, contraception, or medical care for reproductive problems. so if you were a woman of childbearing age, you tended to be 1) bleeding, 2) pregnant, 3) running after small children, and/or 4) exhausted from 1-3 and possibly anemic because you couldn’t regulate your cycle with birth control or consume enough extra iron.

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