lesbian moms at!
cute cute cute cute.
“never thought i could love a male this much.”

i find this incredibly neat because, well, for me, it’s another, “it exists!  for real!  and it’s okay!” moments, like with look both ways.  it shows that two lesbians can be moms together, a team… can be normal people… aren’t immoral, perverted monsters.  just people.  with love.  and a 5-year old son!
i’ve never met or seen a lesbian mom team.  the closest was my friend rachel and her girlfriend who has a son.  and, yeah, they were a couple, and rachel was called “maddy” by the son, but i don’t feel like they’re necessarily what the moms in the video are.  understand?
and you know what’s fucking neat?  the birth mom is the one most people would look at and lable “the boy one.”  i love it.  they’re both “the boy one” and “the girl one.”  gender roles are malliable!  gender expression is fluid!

i can’t wait to get out of oklahoma!


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