beating a dead horse.

Parents don’t want their children in grade school to be told that the homosexual lifestyle is fine, but that’s already happening,” said Ritchie. “It’s part of the homosexual movement’s concerted effort to force the sexual revolution into the mainstream culture and banish God and His law from the public square.

the sexual revolutions are said and done.
mainstream culture has sickening amounts of Straight sex; that’s less offensive than any amount of gay sex?  i guess, actually, to straight white males.
and, yes, my goal as a 20-year old queer girl from the buckle of the bible belt is to banish the god of the universe.  that’s it.  sums me up in one sentence.

how long will people keep this up?
i know controversy is progress — the more people voice their misguided, uninformed, bigoted opinions, the move oppurtunity we have to hopefully, IDEALLY engage in enlightening conversation, where both parties can exchange ideas and at least, agree to disagree.  not all people who holds views at least similar to that man’s are all of those things, misguided, uninformed, or bigoted; i know very well-educated people who’ve studied and who have reached a different conclusion than i, but their attitudes are loving, accepting, with no attitude that tries to communicated i’m perverted and messed up, but rather an attitude of compassion and kindness and they care that i am doing something in my life that they see as destructive.  to them, homosexuality and any variation thereof isn’t the sin of sins, it’s just something to work through and heal from and learn from.
which is fine.
but when i start getting told i’m manipulating and converting and perverting children… well, that’s wrong.  point, blank, period.


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