people like this exist?

now.  i KNOW in my head that people like reverend john hagee exist.  there’s been enough conservatism and sexism in my life or at least enough that i have been made aware of to KNOW things like this get said.
but seriously.  i didn’t think it was real.  something like… i KNOW it’s possible to make an eiffel tower as a yo-yo trick, but who the hell DOES that?

this guy.
thanks to my favourite feminist blog, feministing, i now know reverend hagee is the yo-yo trick MASTER of right-wing christianity.

i’m glad i will never be a stay at home dad who happens to encounter rev. hagee.  with any luck, i will never be the sole provider of income for my household or, you know, be in a lesbian relationship and encounter this man.
his interpretation of scripture is perverted nonsense.  he says paul discusses in 1st timothy that lazy bum dads are going to hell.  really?
i can understand his view, kind of, if i was completely supporting my husband and there were no children.  but i don’t plan on marrying a starving artist or a pot-head musician, you know?  and even then, he’s utterly condemning and irrational.
but rev. hagee isn’t referring to those men, although i’d love to hear the hell-fire they’ve got in store for them.  he is completely referring to men who stay at home taking care of their children.
first, it’s becoming common knowledge that paul didn’t actually write 1st or 2nd timothy, but that’s not the point.  for convenience let’s say he did; even strict, sometimes harsh paul the apostle never said anything about men being providers of the household.  just because mr. hagee’s sensibilities are jarred by a little gender liberation and role reversal does not mean he can direct the scripture on laziness at husbands who are supported by their wives.
second, stay-at-home dads aren’t lazy.  point blank period.  him accusing them at that is saying stay-at-home MOTHERS are lazy as well!  apparently he’s never been in charge of raising children.  because being a mother is an intense, taxing, never-ending, no sick days, no sleeping in on the weekends kind of job, not to mention all the things i don’t know about being a mother being that i’m not one.
clearly, rev. hagee is under the impression that child-rearing is beneath him.  that’s a humble man if i’ve ever seen one.  humility is having a level-headed, rational, generally objective outlook at your station in the world among God and men.  i think that rev. hagee has a slightly grandiose idea of the responsibilities God has ‘placed on men.’
i don’t believe that God ever meant for there to be gender roles in the first place.  ever.  they came with the fall, and as society evolves, as it’s transformed by the renewing of our minds (romans 12:2), i firmly believe they will become less and less prevalent in society.


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  1. wilsonmy said,

    19 February, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    Before I post I would like to preface what I am saying by making it clear that I am a Christian and have been since I was a young child. I have grown up in church and experienced many teachings by Hagee and similar preachers like him. I have not heard what he specifically said this time but if the way you are depicting it is correct than what I am about to say applies. First he is not a bad guy, just a little over the top and very obtuse on many issues. He is flawed like we all are. I have not listened to him in many years simply because I enjoy others style more and I often find myself not agreeing with him on issues such as this. I believe he takes it too far and lacks a sense of balance. On the flip side so do most feminists.
    Yes, men were and some still are jerks to woman. By enlarge the society today is full of men who take advantage of woman and leave them with the responsibility to take care of the mess. Hagee adamantly preaches against that type of man as well and he should. Years ago it was a common thought pattern for men to look at women as inferior and not capable of doing what men can. It was foolish and it sparked feminism which to me is a horrible thing that resulted from a horrible thing. Men were idiots and women got sick of it and fought back. Feminism was good at first but now it is over the top. A woman can apply for a job and get it simply based on the fact that she is a woman. If she is far inferior for the position it doesn’t matter. If they have a quota to fill, she gets the job. That is foolish but it happens.
    I think the biggest problem with feminism is, by enlarge they preach “we are as good as men at everything”. The problem with that, you’re not. On the flipside, men are not as good as women at everything either. Men and women are different and we should embrace that and work as a team. Enjoy each other’s talents and keep up your end of the bargain. Now some men are more feminine than others and some women are ore masculine than others which means there will be some cross over but for the most part we are different. When we work together with our differences we do well. When we don’t there are problems. Show me a family that lives the way the Bible says and it fails. I have not seen one yet. I have seen issues with families that look good on the outside or did it right for years but changed and then they had issues. If a man loves his wife and sacrifices his own desires and is willing to lay his life down for her, he won’t lord over her and make it known he is the dominant one. He won’t have to. When men do this it is often because they feel inadequate about something. The problem with most Christian preaching when it comes to this issue, it is either taught wrong or interpreted wrong. Many Christians believe it is like this

    It is more like:
    Husband ->Wife
    There in-lies the problem. Husband and wife are to be one. Too often we are not and there will be issues because of it. Hagee’s teachings that men can’t stay at home is commonly true for most men. It is not in them to do that for many reasons. I have four kids and my wife is a stay at home mom. She is amazing and I am extremely thankful for what she does and I am very aware that not only am I not capable of doing what she does I would absolutely hate it. Not all men are like me so that might not be the case for everyone. Most men are like me however, and that is why he probably thinks the way he does. It is not right but cut the guy some slack. I say pray for him, that his eyes might be open to the truth so to speak. You never know what may happen.

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