lately i’ve been blowing up facebook notes with what would be better-placed in a blog.  i noticed when it All had to do with religion, gender, and homosexuality.
i’ve never had a blog that wasn’t personal… so forgive me if i get public and private mixed up.  soon, i’ll get used to these things.

also, i’m not sure how to Start this, but i’ve decided to start with what i wrote Today.  it might adequately represent my intentions:

“the sin of Adam”
thomas merton refers to ‘the fall’ of man from God like that often in a little reader i have.
i wonder if he’s conciously meaning that, or if he would as easily say, “the sin of Adam and Eve.”
the point is, i suppose, that he isn’t resting the world’s evils on a woman’s shoulders.  regardless of the many possible reasons he could be doing this, i wonder how catholicism and protestantism alike would change if eve wasn’t the villian.
thomas merton’s admission that it wasn’t eve’s fault rejects the patriarchy.  if that idea had been recognised and accepted by the Church even only as early as the mid-20th century when merton wrote, the world may be much closer to the gender revolution it badly needs.



  1. Andrea said,

    9 August, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    Yay for the blog coming to an actuality! you go grrl

  2. heather said,

    22 August, 2008 at 12:11 am

    did i mention that i’m excited for you about this/about this for you?

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